Eileen is for me the healer & guide of my dreams. I feel deeply fulfilled after every session.~S Hong Kong

This is the official website of Eileen Anglin and The Path of the White Rose® LLC.

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My life’s work is to create energy art, programs and guided meditations to empower people and to elevate life on the planet.

I want people to know that accessing the love, healing and wisdom of the angels and their own Divinity, knowing it  is easier than they think and it’s something they can bring into your daily life

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The Path of the White Rose LLC is the angelic energy art of Eileen Anglin, award winning Angelic Energy Artist, Angel Channel and Angelic Light Ray Energy Master.

Her work reflects the power of transformation, healing and inspiration from our connection to Divine Source and our spiritual connection to Nature and animals.

Eileen is a internationally recognized angelic energy healer, writer and public speaker. Her healingwork has appeared in books, TV, radio and has won awards for her work with angels. Her popular Angel Blog and column Ask an Angel is read world-wide.

I have created online Tools For Transformation in my White Rose Store. CD's, MP3's, lectures and archived radio shows are for sale and immediate download in The Store section.

Nominated by the New York Times "Readers Choice Favorite Angel Intuitive 2012 & 2013"

As an Earth Activist, helping to awaken our evolving humanity, calls to progressive and compassionate action for the blue jewel we live on.

We look forward to assisting you on your healing journey and path to wisdom.




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